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Love at Second Sight - She Said ♥5♥

He Said She Said

"Then next time.... when we meet.... should we call each other by our pet names or Sora sshi, Leeteuk sshi?" asked Leeteuk his cheeks rising to the heavens and feeling so happy.....
"I don't know"... replied Sora  her mind still spinning... not really sure if it is because of the champagne or the overwhelming emotion Leeteuk caused the moment she saw him....
"This is really"...... mumbled Sora who cannot find the right words to say
"Then, lets call each other by our pet names and go? ".... suggested Leeteuk.... 
"Ahhh".... was all Sora could answer.....
" my Baby Princess" .... Leeteuk sweetly called Sora.... his smile could power all the light bulbs in the room ...his laughter enveloping the room....
Sora covered her face with the invitation he gave her a while ago... her head spinning a million times....
"I'm really happy" .... Leeteuk told her sincerely
"Ne".... was all that Sora could answer ... shyly agreeing as if telling him she feels the same way
"My cheekbones are cracking soon, almost gone"... commented Leeteuk while massaging his cheeks with his fists 
"This, have to stand up and get your spirits up".... mumbled Sora, never really understanding what she wanted to tell him... she just wants to thank him for a very memorable night....
Leeteuk took a deep breath and waited..... he leaned in front of her to get a better view and to listen carefully to the words that would come out from her lovely mouth..... 
in three...  he saw her fumble took a deep breath
two...... he smiled at her through his lips through his eyes ... encouraging her...
one... after three very short breaths from the beautiful lady in front of him ... 
she called him... "MY PRINCE"....... 
Leeteuk covered his face and felt like melting...... ahhhh what a brand new feeling!....
"My feelings, I was not able to prepare much but to you I am really thankful.... In the future, I will work hard to do a lot of things that will let you feel thankful to me"... Sora bravely told him... wanting him to know she was touched....
"It was really nice meeting you".. Leeteuk replied and shook her hands and jokingly said it feels like they are in a summit meeting.... 

"CUT"..... the PD nim shouted for the camera to stop rolling..... Leeteuk and Sora was in their own world for a second smiling stupidly at each other.
 "Leeteuk sshi , Kang Sora sshi ... really really thank you! You both worked so hard for our first filming.... I am sure we were able to get a good story on your first meeting..." PD nim approached their table and they were brought back into reality.... They stood up.. bowed to the PD nim and then to each other.... They also bowed to the staff in front of them while giving their thanks to everyone. Everybody was hurriedly packing the TV equipment.  Leeteuk approached Sora who was on the other side of the room checking her belongings while preparing to leave......

"You have worked hard Kang Sora sshi" Leeteuk stood at her back.... preparing to extend his hand
a surprised Sora turned and bowed to him while taking his extended hand
 "You have also worked hard Leeteuk sshi and thank you for helping me and preparing an event for me I am really touched" she replied.
"Let us work on our awkwardness in the future and I hope we can be comfortable with each other soon" 
"Ne, Thank you. I will do my best" 

They were called by their managers to proceed to their respective cars. They bowed at each other for the last time and walked on the opposite direction of the restaurant......

She Said

Kang Sora was escorted by her manager oppa and coordi unnie towards the company van. The weather was really cold that night but she felt warm inside. "How did I do? " she was asking her companions while walking. "You did well" her manager oppa told her "It was the sweetest, I can't help but smile the whole time" her coordi unnie added. "Sincha? Dahengida (I am thankful) " she replied smiling her showing her cute dimple as she got in the car.

Sora settled at the back while her coordi unnie sat in front with her manager oppa who was driving. 
"What a long day" Her manager oppa exclaimed while driving out of the location
"What a long and sweet day" commented coordi unnie
"What a long, sweet and memorable day" Kang Sora finished and the three of them laughed together.

Their laughter was interrupted when Sora's phone rang. "Excuse me" she said to the two, It was her mother.

"Annyeong haseyo omma!" 
"Uri ddal, are you still filming?"
"No umma, we have just finished and I am on the way home." she replied
"Oh that is good, so how what it? Who is my new son in law? Do you like him?" her mother asked
Kang Sora gave a hearty laugh and replied "I was right umma, I mentioned him last time. He is Leeteuk sshi from Super Junior" 
"Ah sincha!, the guy who is much older?" she heard someone yell from the background
"Your appa is here and he is listening" her mother informed her
"Ne appa, the older guy haha but he looks really young in person" she answered
"So do you like him" her father asked "You forgot to answer your mother's question"
she smiled before she replied "It's not bad" 
her father answered "Ahh so its not that special- good good I can go to sleep"
"Well we hope you will do well and we will wait for the broadcast, try to sleep more and rest well honey" her mother told her 
 "Thank you umma and good night to you both. I will rest well. Don't worry too much" Sora ended and turned off her phone. 

"It's not bad" .... its really not bad because it was GREAT Kang Sora told herself. She has this personality of protecting her innermost feelings and enjoying what she feels by herself. Today was really long, sweet and memorable. How can one person put this big impact on me on the very first meeting she analyzed. Ahh it was the second she corrected herself. But really, I was okay when I was preparing. I was okay when I got out of the van. I was okay when I was walking on the red carpet. I was okay when I was climbing up the stairs, towards the theater - towards the spotlight. Everything changed after I climbed the last step and saw his smiling red face. "  "Otteoke" how many times did I say that word. I could remember his deep sigh. Was that relief or happiness? LeeTeuk sshi Park JungSu hahaha is my husband. Kang Sora smiled at herself. She adjusted her seat and looked at the darkness outside the van's window. 

"There she goes again in her own world" her manager oppa soflty told her coordi unnie.
"Just let her be, it has been an overwhelming day for her. I too would be floating in heaven right now if the same thing happened to me" she replied
"But she told her parents he is just okay" her manager oppa answered
"Don't you know that girls sometimes do not mean what they say" her coordi unnie replied "and from the looks of it "its not bad" is "its wonderful" " she finished while looking at her little sister staring at the window smiling vaguely at the darkness. 
"I did well right? Sora asked herself "He looked so great with that smile on his face.Staring at him from afar made my mind to go blank. I felt my strength was sucked into oblivion and I could not even stand properly. Get a hold of yourself was playing continuously on my mind.  He seemed to be such a happy person. After a little while I have managed to go back down to earth and talk to him. He asked me if I am his wife. haha what a cute adjhussi. My legs felt numb while we were talking. He asked who my favorite member was. Of course it had to be him, he is the only one I know. hehe Walking towards him gave me a little time to get a hold of myself and be composed. But the moment I sat next to him. He looks more handsome up close. Was it the lighting? every time I looked at him I get blinded and can't look that long. He has a cute dimple on one side.  He said he likes likes girls that slowly grows on him... I hope I could work on that...I remember that he is conscious with his age and his height i must take note of this. He thinks my eyebrows are pretty and likes my long hands. It was awkward but I feel comfortable. Meeting him for the first time tops my list of most hear pounding moment yet I feel blissful. They way he stares at me, ahhh does he do that to all ladies he meet? He is totally different from the Leeteuk I met in Strong Heart. He said it himself, he is different in real life. So he is showing his real self then? Just like me?

"Are you okay there" Her thoughts was interrupted by her manager oppa
"Yes, I think I will sleep a bit" She replied
"Okay we are almost near your place I will just wake you up" he replied

With that Kang Sora closed her eyes and continued with her thoughts
One highlight that made tonight interesting was meeting the other members. They looked really playful. That is why PD nim asked me about Super Junior members. I can feel that i will be meeting them a lot. I need to research and get to know them more. They have been a great help to lessen our awkwardness. I can believe I danced with them. Although I am not a fan, I think that I will be one. I especially liked the song that we danced to. What was the title of that song again? ahhh Kang sora, you have a lot of researching to do. you have brothers in law now. It would be shameful if I don't remember their names. I think Eunhyuk was the name of the member who was in Strong Heart too. The guy with the red hair is Sungmin sshi. Guy number three who took our picture was Donghae and the one who needs lip balm was Kyuhyun. How many members does Super Junior have? I will find out when I get home. 

"We are here" Coordi unnie exlaimed
"Can you go up by yourself or do you want me to send you to the door?" she added
"Its okay. I can manage. Thank you for today. Unnie, oppa please rest well too and see you tomorrow"
"Okay Baby Princess, you can sleep longer since our schedule tomorrow is in the afternoon" Her manager oppa teased her.  
"Haha very funny oppa, annyeong" She said as she went out the car towards the entrance to her condo. 

"Baby Princess" how cheesy. Kang Sora thought while she entered the elevator. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. I never thought he can have this side of him. He looked so serious and hard working in Strong Heart, so different from tonight. So this is his real side? It it is I am definitely looking forward to knowing more.

The elevator door opened on her floor and she walked towards her door. She keyed in her code and continued her thoughts as she walked into the unit. She walked straight to her bed and lied. 

"His hands felt soft but sturdy. His smile feels so warm and his eyes are like an angels. Kang Sora shhi I never thought that cheesiness can be viral. She smiled at herself while getting a pillow to embrace. He really seems thoughtful, from asking his members to go easy on me, on his manners when he opened the car door , to the drinks he bought for me. He gave me his jacket for cover and even adjusted the temperature because I was cold. I like the way he took the seat belt from me and helped me buckle it. Ahh Sora yah I think he has a lot of dating experience. 
He is a gentleman, I appreciate the manner he corrected me on Music Camp, ahhh pabo ya. It was so obvious I was not into Korean Music. She stood up and opened her laptop that was on her dresser table. While waiting for the laptop to open she remembered something. She went back to her bed and took her bag. From there she took out the invitation Leeteuk gave her a while ago in the restaurant. And re-read the invitation out loud.....

"He is now my man" that realization made her sit on the bed once again. Wow I never expected that the first meeting would be this memorable. We were able to hold hands, looks into each other's eyes. We had our picture taken, looked at the stars and feed each other. The song that he made was the sweetest proposal and the effort he exerted to prepare everything was really unbelievable. Is he really like that? I don't want to expect because expectations will lead to disappointments. But really, how can I not when the standard he has set is already way beyond I had imagined. Get a hold of yourself Kang Sora. It is just a show. Leeteuk or Park Jung Su it was just the first meeting and a lot can happen after. For today's first meeting he has been a PRINCE. Prince Leeteuk or Prince Park Jung Su, I will know in the future. 

With that Kang Sora went back to he dresser table and looked at her laptop. she went in to a search engine and typed the name Super Junior... "This is going to be a longer night" she happily exclaimed to herself.

Ming's notes:

Did you like it? hehehe I hope I was able to put justice on the first meeting. 
I really want to finish this because we missed TeukSo last Saturday. i hope you guys enjoyed the First Meeting Chapters. i mean second hehehe... and as an added bonus.... Here you go......

They Said:

Super Junior

"Go quickly" Leeteuk screamed at his members
"Leeteuk Hyung has a lot of money ask him to buy you delicious food" EunHyuk said as the SuJu van drove off from the Theater.
"Whoa, Kang sora sshii is really pretty" EunHyuk said to his brothers as he arrange himself in his seat.
"Yes, looked so different from the screen and in real life" Sungmin added
"Hyung just like I said, acting is acting. Her role was like that so she looks like that in Sunny" Donghae replied to them.
"Leeteuk hyung was not himself today" Kyuhyun opened. "I don't know if he was to happy or to giddy or to distracted" he finished
"Yeah, so different from Leader Leeteuk" said Donghae
"You guys, that was Park Jung Su we saw today" said Eunhyuk "The silent one that emerges when there are no cameras." 
"I was relieved to see him like that honestly, the breakup was taking a toll on him. It looks like he forgot his worries." Said Sungmin
"Yeah but isn't it too early to act like that hyung?" Donghae asked the older members.
"It has been long enough and he deserves to have a little distraction in his life right now" answered Sungmin
"A pretty distraction that is!" KyuHyun added
"But Baby Princess, what was that all about?" asked EunHyuk
"That was Park JungSu trying to be cute" replied their manager hyung who was driving.
and they all burst laughing. 

 Sora's Parents

"So it was not bad? hmm?" Sora's father asked his wife as they prepare to go to bed.
"Don't be so relaxed dear, it was just the first meeting" her mother replied.
"Sincha, and I am not sure but I can feel that I need to watch out for this guy." Her father commented.
"Yes, did you notice her voice when we were talking to her?. It was extra soft and sweet" said her mother.
"Jeongmal? lets call her again to ask more Yeobo" her father suggested
Her mother gave out a short laugh and replied "This man, your daughter is responsible and hard working. she knows her limitations. Let us not make her worry and make her think we are being strict. she will get conscious. Now I am more worried of this guy's fans and how will they react when they find out that she is going to be their idol's new wife" 
"Ahh, aside from being responsible and hardworking. Your daughter is strong and independent" Sora's father reassuringly said to his wife. "I thought my kid well" he finished
"Your kid only?" Sora's umma asked
"Our kid, she took her courage from you" her father finished

Kang PD

While doing the initial screening of the footage they took. "These two are really promising, I have not smiled this long while filming! I can't help it that every interaction and reaction from these two can bring all the staff to smile till our cheeks reach high heavens. Ahh "Cheeks reach high heavens" I will use that as caption to describe Leeteuk"  "Leeteuk sshi is really deabak in variety. But I wonder why the sudden transformation to being shy. I will try to think of missions to expand on that personality. Kang Sora on the other hand looked regal and confident. They match each other well." Kang PD browse through his planner and looked into the schedule they planned for the couple. "Since the two are busy, their WGM filming will overlap with their planned schedules. Leeteuk is free in the morning but will have a fan signing in the afternoon. Kang Sora has filming in the moring and will need to go to Busan for the awards night in the evening" "We can only film until before she take the plane in order to meet all schedules. What mission should I give to them" he asked himself. While brainstorming for the next mission his hand phone rang and an unfamilliar number flashed in his screen. "Yoboseyo?" Kang PD asked the voice from the other line replied "Annyeong Haseyo Kang PD nim I got your number from my manager hyung, this is Leeteuk sshi" 

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