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Love at Second Sight - The Buzz ♥2♥

The Buzz

Kang Sora's heart is beating faster than the usual. She just came back from a very important meeting. Her manager oppa called it "a big television break". Initially she was wondering if The Women of Our Home is not a big enough break for her since it has been getting good ratings from the time it started. She must agree though, YES it is going to be a big break for me. More chances for her fans to see more of her in the small screen. Movies are different from TV shows. TV is a LOT competitive. 


At first she could not believe the fact that they are considering her. The first interview with the PDnim was rather awkward. He asked her if she knows idols. Park Jaebom, Leeteuk and other names she knew she has heard of but could not remember the faces behind them. One person is enough to remember- the PDnim made it harder when he asked about groups!  So, maybe she is being paired up with an idol!  "I must start watching Music Camp again!" she exclaimed to herself.  It has been so long I need to search the guys who PDnim mentioned earlier. 

Right after the meeting. On the way to the filming site of The Women of Our Home, Kang Sora got her phone and immediately searched the names of the idols she remembered.

Stage Name: Leeteuk ("ahhh I know this guy! Super Junior! He was in Strong Heart when I guested! Did we even looked at each other? I can't remember". To her managernim she gently asked "Oppa please remind me to watch my Strong Heart guesting. I need to see something.")  

Real Name: Park Jungsu (hehehe cute name! I wonder why he was named Leeteuk? I need to search more after I get to see the others)

Date of Birth: July 1, 1983 ( "1983! omo he is seven years older than I am. But he does not look that old! He is going to be thirty soon! I wonder what will happen if we get paired together. Will I be too young for him?")

Height: 178 cm ("ahh not bad as long as he is taller than me")

Blood Type: A ("we have the same blood type! I wonder if we have a lot of things in common?)

she continued searching for information until her manager oppa informed her that they have arrived in the filming location.

Meanwhile, on another side of the world- JAPAN, 
EunHyuk and Donghae are serenely talking with their leader. He has just announced the big news. He is going to enter the military soon. Eunhyuk was asking, "Hyung Donghae may be right that you are of age already but really, are you entering this early because of the break up?"  Leeteuk looked at his dongsaengs and said, "It has been months already. I still can feel the loneliness but this is what she wants. Maybe when I get out after two years. I can look at you and say I am happy again" he continued "For now, I will just do what is needed to be done. I will prepare everything for my 2 years of absence." 
Donghae interjected "So maybe hooking up with one of the Sistar members can help you forget" To which Leeteuk replied with "Ya! Guy Number 3, you and your senseless comments. You know that it is a show and besides I like the little kid more. Sistar's are just like F(x) to me". 

 Their conversation was cut abruptly by one of their managers. "Leeteuk, Lee So Man hoejangnim wants to talk to you. He is in the other room." Leeteuk immediately stood up and proceeded to the next room. He softly knocked the slightly opened door and he was welcomed by SM Entertainment's most powerful man. "Come in and take a seat" he said. He bowed respectfully to the man he looked up to as a father- "I have three important things I need to discuss with you he old man opened." Leeteuk took the seat in front of Lee So Man and humbly listened to what his mentor was about to say.

 So Lee So Man started "First, you know about Kang Ho Dong's latest scandal and his decision was to leave all his shows until he has cleared everything up. Star King's PD just called and he said he was thinking if maybe you and BOOM could fill in during the time of his absence." 
The first point was a big surprise for him. He knew about Kang Ho Dong sshi's scandal. He is worrying a lot for his hyung. He was in the Kang line from Star King to Strong Heart. Kang Ho Dong has shared a lot of wisdom to him. Filling up the big responsibility is a big break for him but more over. It is a big gesture to show his support to the beloved MC. "I am honored and I will work hard to make you and Kang Ho Dong senior proud." was all Leeteuk could reply. 
Lee So Man continued "The second one is that SeoHyun and Victoria has ended their We Got Married appearances. They need new couples for the show. They want SUJU to audition." The moment Lee So Man said "We Got Married" Leeteuk instantly thought of Taeyeon who was also an alumna of the show. His thoughts was interrupted when the Chairman mentioned "it will be a good venue for you to date freely and forget about the ended relationship with Taeyeon which brings me to the third point" he said.
 "How are you and how are you coping?" Leeteuk just gave the old man a bitter smile. "Of course he knows- he knows everything"  he told himself.   "I am okay and slowly coping with it. Thank you for checking on me and for giving me all these opportunities. I will do my best in Star King and I will think about WGM. I will let you know if I will audition." Lee So Man saw the sadness in his eyes so he said to him "It is your call. Let us know if you want to do WGM and we will inform the Star King PD that we are honored to accept their invitation. You may now leave" Leeteuk stood up and outside where four of his members was waiting for him. 

Kyuhyun was the first to welcome him outside Lee So Man's room.

"Hyung congratulations on Star King" and the maknae hugged his leader.
 "Yes, you deserve it! " said Sungmin. 
"Now I can't wait for the WGM interview" exclaimed EunHyuk.
 "That is why I'm telling you to hook up with Hyorin because she was also interviewed" said Donghae. 

Leeteuk was surprised by their comments, he just asked them "How did you know everything about our conversation?". 
Sungmin explained to him "The Star King was shared by BOOM who got excited and told EunHyuk. For WGM-we were also asked to audition!". 
"So yes? we are all auditioning?" asked Kyuhyun.

 "I said I will think about it first...." 
 his reply was interrupted by the buzz from his handphone "Oppa, don't audition for WGM. -Kim Taeyeon" A thought flashed in his mind to which he ended this line to the members
 "but from the looks of it... I think I have already received a sign. Tell the manager hyungs I am in."

Back in Seoul

Kang Sora was watching the Strong Heart Episode she was in with Leeteuk. "So he was the guy who helped me. It would be so surreal if we are going to be paired! I hope he would look at me with more interest though. It seems like he did not pay that much attention during my cuts."

Ming's Notes:
Hello Everyone!
Thank you for visiting my blog! :) Sorry it took a while to update because I "researched" for actual events to make the story more interesting. :) I have grown to love Leeteuk because of WGM and I have discovered Kang Sora because of WGM. The first time I saw the preview of the first episode I already got hooked! So I'm putting all the spazz into something tangible. 
Let me know if there are real news/account that you want to incorporate. I appreciate all your feedback!  Next chapter update will be a lillte bit faster :) ITS A WEEKEND! :)) SATURDAY IS TEUKSO DAY! 



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  3. Thanks for that input! :) I will try to include it!

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