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Love at Second Sight- Sleepless Night ♥3♥

Sleepless Night

MBC Station September 2011


PD Kim Jun Hyun is silently smiling while doing the initial preparation for We Got Married's latest couple. He could not believe that Super Junior's Leeteuk will participate in his variety program. He is every PD's wish to cast in their show. The guy is hardworking, witty and very much at verse with variety shows. He is sure that he will deliver. One thing that struck him the most was Leeteuk sshi's determination to be part of the show.

The entertainment industry is quite close knit and he knows the ways of idols when it comes to dating- Secretly dating that is. He is friends with music program PD's who sometimes cant keep their mouth shut when something interesting is happening in the dressing rooms, hallways and even parking lots of TV stations. He is well aware that LeeTeuk is or was committed.

"So tell me why you think you will do well in WGM?" he remembered asking him the first meeting they had with Super Junior. He was the last among the five members SM Entertainment sent for the initial interview for WGM.

"Since I am about to enlist soon, I wanted to try dating in public" he confidently answered complimented with a melancholy smile.

"So you are not in a relationship or even secretly dating right now?" he asked Leeteuk.

"No, not anymore" he said looking at him straight in the eyes. He further said

"I am really telling the truth and please understand that it is not in my character to be here if I am with someone else."

"Leeteuk sshi, I must warn you, feelings might get personal... Let me correct that, feelings will get personal. Couples will grow fond of each other and strings will be attached." He warned him. 

"That is even better" he said the smile slightly vanished and he could sense a slight seriousness in his voice.

"Tell me about Leeteuk as if you are talking to your future wife" the PD asked him.

"Instead of Leeteuk of Super Junior I wanted to introduce Park Jung Soo the real man behind Leeteuk" he replied.

"So you are determined to show your real self, is that right? He asked back

"Yes and more, and if ever i get picked, I hope I can contribute ideas on what we should do together." PD Kim Jun Hyun smiled at Leeteuk and extended his hand before closing their interview "Thank you for your time today and prepare yourself for the first meeting by the end of September"

A surprised Leeteuk stood and took his hand and said " that means I get the part?"

the PD replied "I will trust that you will give the same amount of sincerity that you showed me today to your future wife."

This was how the Groom was determined. And now he is looking at the computer monitor for his future wife. Choosing the right mix of couple is not an easy task. They try to combine the most least likely pair at first sight and the couple who will be the most promising during their stint. He was still an assistant who recommended Kim Hyun Joong and HwangBo and a new PD when he chose Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun- both successful couples on and off camera. So now he is again trusting his instincts to choose one unlikely lady to be paired with one of the most charismatic idol South Korea has produced. He clicked Leeteuk's picture on one side and Kang Sora's photo on the other. "These two looks good together" He said to himself. Then he remembered a familiar feeling when he saw the 2 photos side by side- the same one he felt when he first saw the photos of the Ssangchu and Goguma couples. PD Kim Jun Hyun smiled a smile of contentment. "They will be fine, I can feel it" and started dialing the number of Kang Sora's manager.

End of September the night before WGM Dimple Couple's first filming:

Leeteuk is busy looking at the search sites for the details about his future wives. Wives because PD Kim gave him a list of possible wives but not the sure one. He only got the list because he insisted on knowing at least a little bit before meeting his future wife. So he sent the PD a ton of SMS and called him every now and then just to insist on giving him the idea of who his future will will be. The PD gave him 3 names of actresses - Min Hyorin, Son Eun Seo and Kang Sora. He is now checing their profile one by one. The first and third ladies are in the movie Sunny while the second one is in a KBS drama. Son Eun Seo is a pretty actress and I remember HyukJae has filmed with her once. Min Hyorin looks very elegant and ladylike. Kang Sora her strong character in Sunny was all he could remember.

So he looked up the basic information like the birthdate, the blood type and height. He noted that Eun Seo and Sora are quite tall and Hyorin is on the petite side. After looking at the profile of the three ladies, he instantly typed Kim Taeyeon on the search tab and looked at her images on the Taiwan Concert. He got conscious of that habit and closed the browser. he hit his forehead and mumbled to himself "Ahh Leeteuk paboya! you are such a fool! One of those three ladies will be your future wife You have not met her yet and here you are fooling around behind her back!" feeling guilty he said to himself " I must think of something special to make up for this behavior! I will make my first event memorable". He saw the keyboard on the side of his room, he knows exactly what he will do. 

Kang Sora has been tossing and turning for the past two hours. Tomorrow is a big day. She should be looking her best but her thoughts are not cooperating. She has been thinking a lot of the things that will happen. Living alone, she has become more independent but she never forgot to talk to her parents everyday. Today's topic was kinda awkward and funny.

"Umma, tomorrow is the first filming day for We Got Married" she excitedly told her mom over the phone.

"Äh sincha, do you know who the pitiful son in law is? haha" her mother joked.

"Umma! you should be rooting for me since i am your daughter." she answered in a cute tone.

"Ah, how is he going to be lucky when you have not even lifted a finger to cook or clean."

"Haha umma, it is going to be a good venue for me to practice being domesticated." 

Her appa interrupted the conversation "So no name for my son-in law yet?" she overheard him say. "You are on speaker phone dear, answer your father for I am curious too" her mother told her.

"I can only assume, since some idols were mentioned during the interview" she continued "Leeteuk sshi from Super Junior and Park Jaebom who was with 2PM before." 

"Ahh sincha idols with a lot of fangirls, will you be okay?" her mother asked.

"Yes umma, don't worry. I will be careful"She assured her parents.

"Leeteuk shhi is the one going to the army right? so he will be thirty soon? " her appa asked on the other line.

"Ne appa, how did you know? he is 7 years older than me if we will be paired together"

"Ït will be good he is much older, you will learn a thing or two from him" said her Umma.

"Yes, and men at that age has a lot of experience in relationship so be careful" her appa added.

Kang Sora replied with a chuckle "Ah jeongmal-yo umma, appa don't worry it is just for a show"

"You never know, since feelings might get mixed up. Just be true to yourself and in all that you do so that the viewers may see that you are sincere. and now try to get some rest so that you will look pretty tomorrow" her mom said finishing their conversation.

"Ne umma, I love you both. goodbye" Sora replied.

"we love you more, more than your groom" her father shouted in the background.

Kang Sora was still smiling after reminiscing about the conversation with her parents. Tomorrow is a big day. Something great is about to happen- This was the last thought she has before she closed her eyes.

In Super Junior's dorm, Donghae just came in from SME's office, he overheard the sound of a piano coming from their room. He knows that it is his hyung playing. He suddenly remembered "ah tomorrow is WGM's first filming day. Hyung is really preparing for it." So instead of going in he went to the living room and laid in the sofa. "I hope things will turn out well for him" Donghae silently prayed for his hyung before sleeping.

I hope you like this part :) They will be meeting on the next chapter hehehe

I know you are all anticipating for their first meeting :)) so please anticipate it!~

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