Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love at Second Sight - First Sight ♥1♥

First Sight

May 2011
He was every girl's dream
Handsome, charismatic and an idol. Park Jung Su more popularly known as Leeteuk- Super Junior's leader. He is on is way to SBS to film strong heart. As usual he is internalizing, memorizing the script and collaborating with Eunhyuk on their segments for the show.

 Beneath the facade of a calm and composed entertainer lies a giant whirlpool spinning inside him.
 "Oppa I can't do this anymore" - the words that keeps on repeating in his mind. Making his heart and insides spin with fear and confusion. "She is breaking up with me" is all he can think of that day. On the outside he was working very hard to keep up with the the program's MCs- Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seunggi  but Leeteuk sshi's thoughts is flying a thousand miles trying to run after the girl who took his breath away- Kim Taeyeon.

"Hyung try to focus. We are up next" whispered EunHyuk who was sitting beside him.

He straightened his posture and pretended to listen to the stories of a girl in white who's movie, Sunny was a breakthrough box office that time. He noticed that she was really animated and she was working hard to make her first variety show apearance a memorable one. He glanced over EunHyuk who was sitting comfortably. He smiled to himself because he realized his dongsaeng is trying to make an eye contact with the speaker in white.

"Otteoke otteoke" she mumbled silently as she walked towards Strong Heart's centerstage. Kang Sora- South Korea's newest breakthrough actress could not believe the roller coaster ride of emotion she was experiencing ever since Sunny became one of the most successful film for 2011. This is a first in her career. She sat at the center of one of the most popular variety show where entertainers are listening attentively to every word she is saying and reacting positively to every line. And now she is about to DANCE. She gave out a loud sigh to the amusement of everyone. She mastered all the moves and she is sure she will deliver, ignoring the pounding in her heart she moved to the music as if she was the only person in the studio. "first song is about to end, costume change - she reminded herself" she threw away her sunglasses and her outer clothes on the side revealing a sexier one underneath it. And a sexy song started to play.

"omo what was that" a startled Leeteuk mumbled when he saw some things flew near the direction he was sitting. Ah the girl from Sunny is performing. He stared at her half watching and half thinking of the problems he had in mind.

The final beat was played and the music stopped. All that Sora could hear were clapping and laughter from the panel, the MC's, staff and audience. All the feelings of nervousness and anxiety started to comeback and left her a bit disoriented. She was not able to hear Kang Ho Dong call her name, instead she focused on looking for the props she threw earlier. She picked up her clothes and other stuff then a man came towards her and gave her a mic. She could only remember him saying "Kang Sora sshi this way please". She only realized it was Super Junior's Leeteuk who helped her when she watched the broadcast.